About Us

In the late‭ ‬1970‭'‬s Gene Land had a vision,‭ ‬a vision that would soon become a reality.‭  ‬While working for a regional Paint Manufacturer,‭ ‬a need was seen for Original Equipment Manufacturer's to have a custom coating tailored to each of their individual needs,‭ ‬as opposed to an‭ "‬off-the-shelf‭" ‬product.‭  ‬So,‭ ‬in‭ ‬1980,‭ ‬the doors to HSC Industrial Coatings were opened.‭  ‬What began as a one man shop manufacturing paint in a one room chicken coop,‭ ‬has grown into a company which operates out of‭ ‬4‭ ‬facilities in Pleasant Hill,‭ ‬MO.‭  ‬Since the very beginning,‭ ‬HSC Industrial Coatings has taken a great amount of pride in offering competitive products‭ ‬with incomparable customer service and technical support‭!

Since 1980, HSC Industrial Coatings has been a designer, manufacturer, and distributor, of fine liquid coatings for OEM’s and woodworkers throughout all of North America. Today, Gene’s 3 sons, Ryan, Sean, & Preston are all involved in the growth of HSC, and are able to help assist you with any bottleneck your company may face. Please don’t hesitate to challenge us….to help you…..improve your product!

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